Saturday, December 23, 2017

Colmar France's Christmas Market

This afternoon, Mat and I hopped on a train and went to Colmar France to enjoy their Christmas Market. (it is only 40 minutes away for us) The kids are over it, and thankfully Arlington is old enough to babysit, so we went without them. It was wonderful. One of the best Christmas markets, and a beautiful little French town all in one. We enjoyed the delicious food, and even snuck in seeing a church without complaints from the little people. Glad we went, and have fit in Christmas markets in Switzerland, Germany and France this year.

Large fountain at the entrance to the city
 This booth had the Alsace bird on top
 Colmar was another quaint French town

 A 500 year old stained glass window

 A piece in a church from the 1400s

 St. Martin Church

 Inside St. Martin church
 Old Town

 This was an exciting find. This is Augustus Bartholdi's birth place. Bartholdi was the artist who made the Statue of Liberty. He was born in Colmar. Colmar even has a small Statue of Liberty replica
 Candied fruit

 This area was called Little Venice

 This is Koifus. Colmar’s oldest civic building is its former customs house that was completed in 1490 and was both the economic and administrative fulcrum of the city. On the first floor of the southernmost building is the boardroom where the D├ęcapole would meet: This was a federation of Alsace’s ten Free Cities that lasted until 1679.
 This is Maison Pfister. IT was made in 1537. and has a lot of Frescoes on the outside. It was really beautiful.
 St. Martin
 The sun went down, and all the lights came on.  Almost every building was decorated

 Before Mat and I left, we stopped in a rotating cafe and had hot chocolate.  The cafe was like a merry go round that went really slowly - it was pretty neat.
 My two finds today.  A replica of Maison Pfister, and a gnome.

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