Saturday, May 12, 2018

Saint Malo

For our last day in France, we went to Saint Malo.  This isn't far from where Mont Saint Michel is located.  It was recommended by a friend of mine, and we had a great time there.

Saint Malo was once the home of some pirates.  Because the King of France at the time profited from their pilfering, he turned the other way and let the pirates run free.  This went on for over 100 years.

The city is completely walled in.  It sits right on the ocean, and there were several forts in the ocean around the city to help with its defense.  The city was bombed during WWII, but St. Malo decided to rebuild to replicate who it looked when it was originally built in the middle ages.

City of St. Malo

 You can walk the wall around the entire city

 Our eldest - Arlington - fed a seagull

 The tide was out for awhile as we walked around, and these boats were beached

 We walked out to the hills and a fort around the city

 Fort out in the ocean that used to protect the city
 Jacques Cartier who is known for "rediscovering" Canada

 There was a pool on the beach - filled with ocean water - where peopel could swim

 Rocky areas around the city

 The tide was out, so we walked and climbed this hill and explored the beaches around it

 Saw this seagull grab a live crab out of the ocean and eat it.
 Because the tide is out, clams dotted the rocks that would normally be underwater.

 Finding a lot of seashells that washed up on the beach
 This would all be underwater at high tide

 Views from top of the hill we climbed

 As we walked back to the city, we noted the tide was coming in - fast.  There is a guy in a yellow vest that was blocking people from going out to the island since the path out would soon be underwater

 This restaurant served Finley Soda.  (the name of our daughter). Unfortunately they were out of it, so we did get to try it.
 After we explored, we spent the afternoon eating delicious French food (like these Beignets that were the size of our head).

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