Sunday, June 17, 2018

Afternoon in Zermatt

After lunch and a rest, we headed into Zermatt to catch a train to Randa. Just 15 minutes from Zermatt, this was where we were going to hike. We were going to the longest pedestrian suspension bridge in the world. The Charles Kuonen suspension bridge opened a little over a year ago, and Mat had it on his short list. Since this was his father's day trip, off we went. Arlington's knees locked and she wasn't able to make the climb, so just the 4 of us went. The hike was one of the hardest we have ever done. Almost 2 hours straight up a mountain was intense. Stright.up. We didn't take any pictures on the way there because we could barely breathe with the strain and the altitude. Once at the top, we crossed the 1600 foot (494 meter) bridge. Took 20 minutes to cross.I thought Finley was going to die right there. (not a big fan of heights that girl). But we made it. Down the mountain another 1 1/2 hours of very steep hill and we were finally back. We rewarded our hikers (and poor Arlington) with a delicious dinner in Zermatt and some shopping. 

Bridge for the train

 Church in Zermatt.  We had to walk into town to take the train to the bridge area.

 This bridge was Crazy

 Finley started out okay, and then it swung a little with the wind and she freaked.

 view from the bridge

 View of the bridge on our hike back down the mountain

 That bridge is a one time experience

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