Sunday, March 10, 2019

Arlington's Trip to Spain

Arlington recently took a school trip to Spain.  They went to Girona, and Barcelona during the 5 days.

The kid's schools normally take a compulsory trip each year - even starting as young as the 3rd grade.  Cainan and Finley's schools go skiing for a week.  (How cool is it that they get to ski the Swiss Alps?)  But Arlington's high school decided to do a Study Trip these last few years instead.  It seems to be more popular for the older kids.  Last year they went to Yorkshire, England, and this year was Spain.  I am grateful that she gets this opportunity to go.

She had a great time exploring.  She did wish they had more time to go into some of the historical buildings, so I think we will be returning to these areas of Spain in the future to explore a little further

Pictures as they are coming into Spain by airplane

 The beach in Girona - their first stop.  They did a kayak trip on the Mediterranean

 The Salvador Dali Museum.  They did go inside and she said it was "very strange"
 He is buried in Spain
 A huge church that was being built whlie she was there
 the Spain Arc de Triomphe

 This was the eternal flame from the Olympic games that were held in Barcelona
 One of the Olympic stadiums

 Pretty Sunset
I had her take this one for me.  She couldn't get any closer, but this was on the set of Game of Thrones.

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