Tuesday, December 31, 2019

2019 In Review

The last day of 2019! Another wonderful year for us in the books. We had some milestone birthday's this year (Mat turned 45, Arlington turned 16, and Finley and Cainan turned 13). We vacationed in Scotland, Netherlands, Spain and Denmark. Mat and Arlington visited London and Mat and Cainan visited Denmark a second time. Finley and Cainan went on their annual ski trips with their schools. Arlington visited Spain with her school. My parents came for a few visits. We spent 6 weeks in the United States visiting family and friends. We went to Lake Norman with Mat's family. We held a big fundraiser for Finley and our foundation. Arlington did a 75 hour internship and visited colleges. Arlington had a major knee surgery. And in between there was school, life, friends, and new experiences. On a personal note I read 168 books! My most ever. Here's to a great 2020 where we look forward to a trip to Japan and Whales.

We started the New Year in Cyprus
 Arlington turned 16
 We enjoyed our second Fashnacht
 Cainan went up two belt levels in Karate

We rode the Harry Potter train in Scotland
 Cainan went to Lego Land in Denmark for his 13th birthday
 We visited the Netherlands
 Arlington went to London for her birthday trip
 We worked the St. Rita's street fair
 Lake Norman with Mat's family
 Arlington helped birth a baby cow during her summer internship
 We did some family photos for my parents 70th birthdays
 We raised $20,000 for Finley's foundation 
 Arlington visited several colleges
 Finley started violin lessons
 The Orlandos and my parents came for a visit at the end of the summer
 I spent some quality time with family
 Cainan started a new school and went on a rock climbing trip
 We went to Spain and even got to see some Game of Thrones filming spots
 After 2 1/2 years we are still loving our life in Basel!

Happy New Year!

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