Sunday, March 15, 2020

Coronavirus 2020

We returned from Japan on March 4th, and we were told that we had to quarantine at home because of the spreading Coronavirus.  At that time, Japan was on their "watch list" of countries where if you traveled there - quarantine at your house was 14 days - sick or not.

We were not sick.  We were a little annoyed because Japan at the time had very very few cases - much less than even a few of the European countries that surround little old Switzerland.  But since those would affect business too much - those people were not required to quarantine.  It made little sense.

However - we did it.  We stayed home.  I spoke to all 21 of my kid's teachers, Mat got all his work to do from home, and we settled in for the long haul.  We opened up a 4000 piece puzzle.  We started spring cleaning all the rooms in the house.  Time passed.

And then Japan fell low down on the priority list.  France, Germany, and Italy cases skyrocketed.  They took back the Japan quarantine and Mat returned to work on the 12th.  We were told kids could go back to school as of the 16th .  We were going to be free.

And THEN - all crap hit the fan.  Switzerland finally decided that real action needed to be taken.  They shut down all schools until April 20th.  Mat has to work from home until at least April 4th.  The borders have been shut tight.  They are about to shut down everything but grocery stores and pharmacies.  They want to get this under control.  At this writing 2200 people in little Switzerland have Coronavirus.  Time to shut it down.

So - instead of 2 weeks at home, we are now looking at 6 weeks.  Plus we were on break for 2 weeks before this all started, so a total of 8 weeks at home.  Together.  Send help.

I also just had surgery.  I had a large fibroid on my uterus, so a hysterectomy was in store for me.  I consider myself lucky that I got that in before they started to clamp down so tightly on the city and country.  Now I can stay home and rest and not feel stressed about getting everyone where they need to be.

We have what we need.  Switzerland has ensured us that they have plenty of provisions - please don't over buy.  So we are not.  We have enough for several weeks at least.  The hardest thing we are going to have to deal with is boredom.

I should have bought more puzzles.

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