Sunday, July 12, 2020

New Beginings in Old Places

 We are back in the United States for good.  After an uneventful flight to New York City and a puddle jumper to Boston, we are here.  We are in an airbnb for the week we are in Massachusetts before Mat heads to San Francisco for his new job and the rest of us head to Pennsylvania for the summer.  

We are all messed up time wise, but we are used to that.  Happens every time we return.  This week we had a chance to say a quick hello to a few friends, get a peak at our house in Littleton (our renters are still there for the time being) and bought our new car.  That last part was the best part.  We haven't owned a car for 3 years and I had a good time hunting for just the right one.  Decided on a burgundy Honda Palisade and I love it.

We have eaten our weight in good old American food.  We have done a few things we couldn't avoid this week to get our American lives back on track.  It has been a good week.

So now we are ready to head out once again.  The kids and I will be in Pennsylvania for 4 weeks hunkering down in this never ending pandemic, with my parents.  We don't have many plans beyond sitting on the porch and soaking in spending time with them - who we haven't seen in a year.  Mat will be setting up his little apartment in San Francisco where he will live the one week a month he will be there for work in the future.  We won't see him for 6 weeks as he gets off the ground in his new position.  I am grateful for family support while he is away.

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