Thursday, December 31, 2020

New Floors on our Second Floor

 For the last three years we have rented our precious house in Littleton, and knew when we returned we would want to start to make some changes.  We allowed our renters to have cats in the house knowing that we were going to rip out the carpets, but with Finley, Cainan and I all being allergic - that had to happen before we moved back into the house.

We have spent months looking for the right floor and we finally found it.  We wanted something that had various shades in the boards.  Something that had knots and rustic flair.  Something not shiny and not too dark and not too light, and I think we found it.

We hired a local company to do the flooring (and they will be doing our major remodel in the spring - stay tuned!) and they did a phenomenal job.  And quickly.

We put the hardwood floors (the are true hardoowd, Hickory, 5 inch wide boards) in our master bedroom, hallways, and Finley and Cainan's bedrooms.  Arlington's room got new Carpet (she is on a different floor and we just decided that soon this will be a guest room, so we held off putting wood there)  It looks GOREOUS.  Here is the process;

When the floors arrived, they had to spread them out in two rooms because of their weight.  We received all the floor we will need for second floor and our first floor project.

The floors are removed but so are the baulsters!  Glad we aren't staying here

They started the lay the floor and it is looking amazing.  This is going into the master closet

Project is complete!  We are very pleased.

Arlington's Room

We also decided to save some money on the stairs (and when I say some, I mean thousands), and have them restained, handrails painted, and new bausters put in.  Our installers did a great job matching the stair stain to the rest of our floors.  We did an oil based black paint on the railings (I don't really me we - we had this all done professionally), and put in new wrought iron bausters.  Look amazing.  We are so pleased and it has completely transformed the house.

Matching the stairs to the flooring was tough, but we are pleased with the result

Baulsters are in!

In March our entire first floor (except for the bathroom) is getting gutted and redone.  New floors!  New kitchen!  New mudroom!  Walls coming down!  IT is going to be amazing.  We have been working tiressley with our contracting company and architect, and the plans are really coming together.  Stay tuned.

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