Wednesday, August 4, 2021

Renovation END

 Well - week 18 and the rennovation is at an end.  For now.  The major players are in and complete.  The house is sparkling clean.  (our contractor brings in a cleaning crew when they are done and they were magnificent).  We can not place our furniture and start to move into our new space.  We are so excited!

We are still waiting for the Range - we understand we still have a few weeks to go for that unfortunately.  And the side panels for our island and peninsula are on back order.  BUT otherwise we can use the kitchen.  

What an experience.  After almost 5 months of living through dirt and grime and people being in our house from 7-5 every day, we are going to have some peace and get to enjoy our beautiful new space.  

Our dining room.  The only thing that changed in here was the flooring and I restained the mantel.  Oh and we painted the walls a deeper blue/gray than the rest of the house.

Our new kitchen looking into the pantry.  Our fridge, and range hood are up and running.  I cannot wait to start to fill those drawers!  I have also oiled the counter tops to a deep black
Our giant island and looking into our breakfast nook area.
Looking into the kitchen from the hallway from our mudroom and side entrance.
So much open space now
I painted our inserts on the side of our giant two sided fireplace to a white.  I have ordered white shelves as well to replace the glass.  Look open and fresh now.  Also took the old doors off
The full kitchen.  Looking forward to filling it
Our built in microwave will continue to get well used especially while we wait for our Range
Our living space now.  Without all the walls it is so big and spacious

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