Saturday, September 30, 2023

September 2023 Wrap Up

 We started the month back at the Lake in New Hampshire that we visited last year - same house.  We loved that house so wanted to return.  We had another great time.  We went over labor day weekend this time, so Mat really didn't have to work much while we were there which was great.  The weather was perfect and we spent long hours in the lake.  We took the dogs along and they were hilarious running in and out of the water and attempting to swim.

Also in September I spent 2 weeks with my parents in Connellsville.  My mom had rotator cuff surgery and Mat and I worked it so I could go in and help.  I was glad to have a chance to be there to help, but also to be able to see a lot of people while I was there.

Also this month we had a batch of baby snapping turtles arrive in our yard.  We let our neighbor's little kids release them into the marsh.

At the end of September, Cainan had his black belt ceremony.  He received his black belt in the spring, but they do a belt ceremony and presentation once a year.  We are so proud of that kid.

Cainan kayaking

Pluto watching the kids swim
Pluto and Blue digging in the sand
Pluto one time just decided he was going to jump in.  Then he really started swimming regularly

Finley floating around

Pluto on guard
Blue didn't love the water.  She would go in only so far.  But she loved the sand

Nap time
Breakfast with my mom before the surgery
One week post surgery - she was already out of her sling and starting physical therapy
Breakfast with my friend Wendy
I got to see my nephew Ethan in his marching band competition
My Aunt Sally turned 70 while I was there and they threw her a surprise party
Got to visit with my Aunt Renee
Went to a local used book store in town and scored
Sending the turtles on their way
Cainan at his black belt ceremony

Random dog pictures

Mat thought it would be funny to put a cracker in the oven- they were watching it quite closely

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