Monday, November 27, 2017

Christmas Market Take Two

Yesterday Mat and I went to the Basel Christmas market to stroll around and look at the booths and enjoy the sites.  The kids didn't want to come, so we went alone.  We took our time and went through all the booths at both locations in the city.  We ate yummy food and bought a few souvenirs.  I look forward to going back over the next few weeks so eat more delicious food and celebrate the holidays.

A very large tree in the market square.  There is a hole in the ground, and they just stuck the tree down in the hole.
 This giant book was in the Courthouse square.  You could sign your name, or write a was really neat
 This tree is outside of the Rathaus
 Giant Pyramid as part of the Market.  It went around and played songs
 Our dessert.  It was dough rolled and then dipped in sugar.  Yum.
 My take aways from the market.  The mug is what we had our Hot Chocolate in and the mug was the souvenir.  The ceramic on the right is a replica of one of the remaining gates left from when Basel was surrounded by a wall.

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