Friday, March 16, 2018

Finley's First Time Skiing

Finley was on a school ski trip this past week. Each school takes a ski trip, and this is her week.  She was more excited than nervous.  The weekend before the trip, she and I went and rented her skis, and packed all of her equipment for this week long adventure.

Here she is getting ready to head out.  I had to take her to the Basel Train Station.  They are skiing here in Switzerland - about 2 hours away, and staying at the ski resort.

Her Principal was really great making sure Finley was well prepared for the trip.  Since she is legally blind, she needed to have a guide with her at all times.  By week's end, she was doing quite well on her own.

I am glad she had this opportunity.  I tend to worry about her more than the other two.  But she showed me that she can do anything her siblings can do.

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