Tuesday, December 25, 2018

Merry Christmas from Cyprus

This year, we decided to travel a little south for our Christmas trip.  We were looking for some warmer weather.  We only wanted to go for a few days, and not really leave Europe.  All request of our children.  The kids are off for 2 solid weeks for Christmas, but did ask if they could spend the second week at home relaxing.  And since Mat has to return to work on January 2nd, we obliged.  A few days get away is all we needed.

The kids opened their presents from Santa this morning and then this afternoon we flew out.  Cyprus is only about 3 1/2 hours by plane for us, so a quick trip.  We rented a car and settled into our airbnb this evening, and that was all. 

We have a friend who lives here - Yiota.  We met her several years ago through our RDH12 group.  Her daughter and Finley share that diagnosis.  Yiota met us this evening and brought us groceries and kept checking on us to make sure we were settled.  We were extremely grateful for her today.  Arriving on Christmas day is a little tough when everything is closed, so she helped us tremendously.

Getting ready to take off
 View from our Airbnb.  We stayed in Paphos on the island
 The deck off our airbnb was enormous

 We could see the ocean from the deck

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