Friday, June 28, 2019

Last Days of School

School has wrapped up for another year.  Finley and Cainan finished 6th grade and Arlington 10th grade.  Now they are off for the next 6 weeks and we are getting geared up to head for Pennsylvania for the summer.

Before school ended, Cainan's school went on a nice school trip, (pictures posted before) had a nice end of the year program (since this is his last year at this school -it only goes to the 6th grade), and Finley's school went on a school trip.  The kids are getting amazing experieces living here, and we are always grateful.

Here are a few pictures from the end of school.

Finley's school spent a few days in the Blackforest, Germany for their last school trip of the year

Cainan had a great class at Early Learing Academy, and we are going to miss this school.  A few of his classmates will be joining him at his new school of the Swiss international School

The kids had to all write an end of the year speech without help.  I think Cainan did a great job.

Finley's school sang songs at the end of the year program.  I especially enjoyed Let's Go Fly A Kite in German

Last day of school!

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