Thursday, June 18, 2020

Father's Day Weekend at Lake Brienz, Switzerland

Mat and I decided we wanted to take two short trips before we left Switzerland.  We originally planned to take Arlington to Greece for her post high school graudation trip, but alas - Coronavirus had other plans.

So instead, it gave us an opportunity to see a little more of this beautiful country we have called home the last three years.

Our first trip is a 3 day get away to Lake Brienz.  Located in the Canton of Bern and in Interlaken, this beautiful lake drew our attention quickly when we started to search for places to visit.  Its crystal clear blue water is magnificent.

We arrived this evening since the kids had school today.  The drive was beautiful.  We came to the alps and saw some pretty amazing waterfalls along the way.  It is only 2 hours from Basel, but the landscape has changed drastically.

The small town of Brienze sits right on an enormous lake and the house we rented for the weekend is steps from its shores.  The view is incredible, and again - what drew me to stay here.  Location is everything.

Tonight we just took a quick stroll along the lake and through the little town of Brienz to stretch our legs.  Tomorrow the real exploration begins.

View from the Chalet where we are staying

 A waterfall behind the house
 Lake Brienz

 Another view from our chalet

 Our chalet is the one on the right 

 So the lake is full of glacier water - hence the color.  I took this picture of the run off that comes from the mountains and into the lake
 I know my American friends always appreciate a picture of a Swiss playground structure
 This is the view from our breakfast area in the house.  That is the true color of that water - isn't it amazing?

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