Friday, June 19, 2020

Lake Brienz - day 2

We woke up this morning with the threat of rain, so we decided to get an early start to our day.  (and when I say Early, I mean by 9:30am because I still have three teenagers to deal with).

On our way to our first destination we passed an incredible waterfall that we had to stop and take a picture of

We started our day at Aaer Gorge.  This place is not easily described except to say it was magnificent.  Pictures would never do it justice.  The water was an icy blue, the rock formations enormous.  The gorge was formed over 150,000 years ago.  What a power water is!  There is an easy hike through the gorge on a wooden path they have set up around the rock formations.  IT was first established 85 years ago and still remains.  It was incredible.  Please put this on your list to see someday - you cannot miss it.

(I took a ton of pictures, so scroll down to see what else we did today)

Look at that icy blue water

Check out that beautiful water 

 The shapes the rocks have taken due to the glacier water are incredible

I took some videos just so you could hear the noise

Our second stop was Reichenbach Falls.  This was a "to do" for Mat because Reichenbach Falls is famous in the Sherlock Holmes books.  This is where Sherlock plunges to his death during a fight with Professor Moriarty.  We took a cogwheel train up the mountain as far as we could go, and then hiked to the top of the falls.  And then hiked back down (instead of just taking the train).  It was a great hike.  And now that Arlington has been completely cleared from her knee surgery, it makes it easy for us to do these things again.

Riding the cogwheel up the mountain
 Reichenbach Falls
 The star is the point where Sherlock Holmes fell to his death

 Top of the falls
 The kids were troopers with the hiking up and down.  We were gone for several hours

 Arlington climbing some rocks.

 The kids outside of the falls

 This is a pretty typical "taking Finley hiking" way of doing things.  She hangs on especially if it is rocky

After a break at the house for a bit, we took a walk into town.  We walked along the lake and then through the shops and found a beautiful picture perfect street right in the heart of town.  The old fashioned Swiss houses are always beautiful with their wood carved balconies and wooden roofs.

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