Friday, May 15, 2020

Arlington's Last Day of High School

Today is Arlington's official last day of school.  Due to Coronavirus, the school was able to speed up the final testing and requirements for the seniors, so she finished up today.

I cannot believe she is finished with high school.  She started this school year as a high school junior, but by early fall it was clear that she would be wrapping up her high school career this year.

So she became an official senior and started to apply to college.  5 college acceptances later, she chose University of Massachusetts and started making plans for her future beyond high school.

Coronavirus didn't slow her down.  Thankfully her school was able to continue classes as normal online and get the kids all of their requirements to graduate.  And today - that all ended.  Arlington is officially a high school graduate.

Here in Switzerland, "pomp and circumstance" is not really a thing.  There are no cap and gowns or big parties.  No graudation ceremonies.  Since compulsory school ends at age 16, and kids decide at that time to go to jobs or technical school or continue school in their gymnasiums (high level high schools) and head off to college.  What is celebrated is their accomplishment and what is coming next.  They are becoming adults in the eyes of Switzerland and that is a good enough reward.

Because we are Americans, I did get Arlington a cap and gown in her school colors to celebrate her graduation.  We had to wing it for the rest since I don't have access to Amazon right now to get any kind of party supplies.  At least we have cake.

This summer when we return to the United States we will celebrate with family.  We will pull out all the stops to remind her how proud of her we are.  Although - we can take a page out of the Swiss handbook, and just wish her well on her future journey.  Because what is behind her is no where near as exciting as what is in front of her.

Look out world - here she comes.

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