Saturday, May 8, 2021

Remodeling Week 6

 Another week is done!  We have had 30 days of construction work on this house.  While the last few weeks have been "boring bits", progress is being made.  I spoke to our contractor yesterday and he said he is right on his scheduled timeline so far, so that was good news!  With Coronavirus, and all the coordination of the various people who do various jobs - we feel pretty lucky that it is moving along as well as it is.  

The only real hiccup we have come across so far is our Range.  We ordered a Wolf Duel Fuel range which was new for 2021.  We liked the upgrade panel that it offered and pushed us over the edge between a few different Ranges.  This week we got a call that it has been backordered to at least July 29th.  It was a bit of a blow only because our project will be over before the Range arrives.  Which means we have to get the contractors to come back to install it.  AND - that July 29th is just a hopeful date.  It could get pushed again.  Supply and demand are not equal and really there is no one to blame.  There is a snowball effect of a pandemic where things cannot be controlled.  We are going to keep an eye on it and just hope for the best.

Here is what happened this week:

1) celing insulation - which was a spray foam - was done.  It was a little bit stinky, but not terrible.  

A big change happened this week and that was windows!  Our entire downstairs lit up for the first time in 5 weeks with the installation of our bay windows and pantry window.  This bay was there, if you remember - it was in our previous dining room.  They were much larger and lower, but our sink and counters are going here, so the windows had to be raised and shrunk some.  However - they are still enormous and letting in so much light.
The pantry window was where our tri window was before over our sink.  This one got the biggest decrease in size, but I wanted more wall space and less window in the pantry.  It lets in a nice amount of light for that room, and will leak into the kitchen as well.  And it has a really nice sill where I can put plants or herbs or knick knacks

Wall insulation went in and got inspeted.  Our back wall - and everywhere else they took down walls - got reinsulated.  Our contractor said that there was a lack of insulation in those walls and the seal around the windows wasn't great.  So they really packed in it and filled in all kinds of cracks and crevices after 30 years of not being touched.  They also insulated our mudroom ceiling.  That area of the house had a cold area (above it is our master bedroom sitting room and closet) and they wanted to help keep that floor better heated and cooled.  

Last this week they started to reframe the windows outside.  Because of the changes in the windows - but not the changes to the outdoor structure - our windows will be boxed in white wood siding to match what was there before.  We just needed more of it.  I am excited to see it when it is done.  I am thinking for that small window and ALL that white wood siding, I might try and incorporate some outside window boxes.  They didn't finish the project this week - but did get it started.

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