Tuesday, June 22, 2021

End of Eight Grade

 Friday night Finley and Cainan had their 8th grade promotion ceremony and today was their last day of 8th grade.  I don't get many pictures of them any more - they really don't love it.  But I did get just a few this weekend.

We are really proud of them.  It has been quite the year for them.  We moved back to the states right before school started, and the year started in a Hybrid program where they were home three days a week and in the building two days a week.  It made it hard to make friends.  It made it hard to learn.  Masks every day for 185 days was.....a  lot.

But in the spring, things started to improve.  School went back in session at the end of March 5 days a week.  So many of their friends returned.  Friendships grew.  Things got better.  And they left this year with new friends, straight A report cards, and settled.  Finally settled.

I give them both so much credit.  This year was a bear.  IT was hard for us as adults - I cannot imagine what it was like for the kids.  

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