Sunday, June 20, 2021

Remodeling Week 12

 This week was all about cabinets and flooring.  The cabinets showed up bright and early Monday morning filling our living room with boxes.  It was like Christmas.  It was killing me not to rip those boxes open and check them all out

Tuesday the installation of the cabinets began.  While the installer did that, the other crew continued working on laying the floor in the dining room and hallway.  It was so fun to come downstairs each afternoon after the crews left to see the progress.  

We are in the home stretch now.  Just a few more weeks.  If they get the cabinets installed by the 24th, then the counter top makers will be out to make a template.  That pushes our project up a few weeks which would be terrific.  It is still a bit up in the air, but we can hope.  

Just like I can hope that the darn stove actually arrives in July.

26 boxes of fun
Cabinets going into the pantry.  We chose cabinets in here instead of drawers so that I could store my table top appliances on some pull out drawers.

These will be some of the cabinets for the peninsula
This is where the range will go  - between these cabinets.  On both sides of the range are spice drawers.  In the corner to the left are going to be two cabinets for trays

The cabinets we chose are a custom Ultracraft.  Avon style in Arctic White.  Maple wood.  It took us forever to pick these cabinets and the drawer sizes and depths.  So many decisions.

By Tuesday they had laid a lot of the floor as well

By Wednesday all of the cabinets were in place.  The island is amazing.  It is so hard to capture its size in a picture, but it is 10 feet of awesomeness.  I am glad to have it, though, because without upper cabinets, the kitchen would have seemed small storage wise without it.

I did pretend to be standing doing my "thing" at the island.  Plus I wanted to make sure I could see the TV from there.  Very important reasons.
This corner has always been tricky and our architect has come up with some good ideas to make it flow nicely.  Plus - no one will see all these angles once the counters are in place.  The cabinet next to the sink is all drawers.  But next to that is a corner piece that will just have shelves and be open.  I didn't want just a random cabinet door in the middle of an "all drawer" kitchen, so we decided to go wtih open shelving here.
Wala!  All the cabinets.  We also have a penninsula as well as the island.  The penninsula will have seating, which is going to be great, especially for breakfast and snacking, or just for people who come over to keep me company while I am cooking in the kitchen.  That was Mat's idea, so I will give him credit for that.  He gets a point.

The sink, faucet, pot filler, and all of the light fixtures arrived today.  It was like Christmas around here.  Most things are hanging in our garage until the electrician and plumber return, but they did put the sink in place (sort of) so work the fit.  I love it so much.  We picked a granite sink in a black/gray speckle.  We originally thought we wanted soapstone, but the soapstone folks talked us out of that.  Said that it scratches too easy.  We couldn't really get a black that would ever match the counters, so we went with the grayish color.  It is so big and lovely.  I could take a bath in there.

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