Saturday, June 5, 2021

Remodeling Week 10

 The contractors were only here two days this week before finishing up until the cabinets come in (about 10 days from now).  They gave us a big window to get the painting started.  We elected to do the painting ourselves and save about 10K.  Not even kidding.  I don't love painting, but I do like saving money to use for things I want more (like more expensive backsplash), so it was a good trade off.

The contractors laid all the floor in the pantry and where the cabinets will go.  They covered it and let us have the run of the downstairs.  The temporary wall came down which was GREAT - now we can see the whole downstairs for what it will look like.  

The flooring begins!  Against the wall on the left will be where the cabinets will be going

They put the basement door back on and framed it out.  This area had to be bumped out about 6 inches to accommodate the wood beam above.
The pantry gets flooring!  Cabinets will be on the left

They got pretty far before leaving for the week.  Went just slightly beyond where the cabinets will go (including the island), and then covered it all

I could paint a whole house with the number of paint samples I have brought home.  We are going to do the entire downstairs (minus the mudroom and dining room) in the same color, so I want it to be right.  We don't get a ton of natural light because of the way our house faces, so it has been tricky.
The kids started covering windows for us in preparation for painting
The temporary wall is GONE!  They will put back up a plastic sheet when they return to help control dust, but while they are gone, we can enjoy the open space.  It is more amazing than I imagined.

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