Monday, July 26, 2021

Remodeling Week 17

 This was an exciting week!  We got our countertops installed and our plumbing installed.

The counter tops are gorgeous.  They are beautiful even in their natural state of gray.  We went with a soapstone that is mined locally.  We wanted a natural stone. We did a lot of research and soapstone seemed to fit our style the best.  We will oil it because it naturally darkens on its own regardless, but it is so so pretty.

We also had a pot filler, our sink drain and faucet installed.  We went with a satin chrome look - something that wouldn't show fingerprints but also not be overly shiny.  We picked an old fashioned handle look for both.  

The guys brought in each piece one by one.  I took a picture of them bringing in the island.  It took so many of them to lift it into the house and into place.  They clapped for themselves when it was in place

This is the counter in the pantry
Our peninsula counter
The best piece - the island.  Our island is a little over 10 feet and we were able to get a solid piece.
Island and next to the stove
We also had a piece added to the windowsill in the pantry
Ta da!  Starting to look like a real kitchen now

This is our new sink faucet.  I was afraid it was going to look small against this sink, but it fits nicely
I went with a side spray to clean out the sink instead of a pull down nozzel.  We were told those tend to break down fairly often.  This faucet does swing from side to side, though, so that is nice

This is our pot filler.  It should reach 4 of our 6 burners.  I love it

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