Sunday, February 4, 2018

Catching Up

Winter has made me into a blob.  I am glad we are going to be turning a corner soon in the weather so that I can get back outside on a more regular basis and enjoying this beautiful city.

I have been hanging out with new friends, though, and that has been really enjoyable.  I have gone with them to France to do some grocery shopping - and had a chance to check out a French market.  That was pretty fun.  I even got some warm, freshly made crepes to bring home.

 This was the American section in the French market.  It was full of mostly candy

Mat and I have been to dinner at two homes with new friends.  We have eaten delicious food and enjoyed their company.  We are grateful that we have people here to spend time with.  When we first moved here, I wasn't sure that would be possible.  But ex-pats are numerous (and not all American), and thanks to Roche, it has been easier than expected.

Out to lunch with a friend (I had been reading before she showed up).  Delicious food and great company

My first German class has finished and I passed my first German test.  Preschool German is a wrap.  Now I will be starting the next basic level class.  I am looking forward to it.  It is in a small group setting with 3 other American women with a teacher I have come to adore. 

We are getting ready for Fasnacht here in Basel.  That is the winter carnival and the biggest one in all of Switzerland.  It is 3 full days of.....chaos.  Very un-Swiss.  Well - sort of.  I mean, they make a mess with confetti and have parades where they throw fruit, but it is organized chaos.  Things will start on time.  No one will be out of control.  Drunk people won't rule the streets......should be interesting.  We have been listening to the bands practice, and the scary masks are starting to show up in the stores.  We have bought our blagedde (pins).  Mat's parents will be visiting during that week, so it should be exciting.

 We see these drums on the tram all the time.  They will be in the parade

I have been lazy and the weather has been awful so I haven't been with Basel Walkers in a few weeks.  So instead, I have been trying to do a few miles a week - we have a beautiful walk from our house into where I have to pick Finley up from the tram.  It is about 3 miles, so that has been helping. 

Large farm in Riehen

 #6 tram - my ride into the city each day
 German railway station
  Walking into town.
A chocolate shop in town all decorated for Fasnacht. 
 On of Mat and my favorite bakeries.  We often eat here after our Saturday German class
 This is the tram stop that I take Finley to each day.  She gets on another tram here to go off to school

And finally - Friday I went with a friend to a local Castle.  It was small, and we couldn't go inside, but it was really pretty.  I am glad we went.  It is here in Basel, so it wasn't a long trip.  Plus we had a chance to spend time together, so it was worth the trip.

That catches you up!  Mat has been traveling a lot lately, so no trips planned for the immediate future.  Arlington leaves soon for a school trip to England, and the kids will soon be off for a 2 week break from school (yes - another one).  We have been here for 7 months now, which is hard to believe, and it is definitely feeling like home.

Two extra pictures:

Fountain outside of the old town library

Mat took a candy making class on his most recent business trip.  They were all delicious

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