Tuesday, February 20, 2018

Fasnacht day two

Mat's parents arrived safe and sound on Monday, although the poor things had quite the delay in their travels once they got to Europe.  I am thinking it might be a Pletcher thing - bad travel deals.....

But now they are here and now it is time for some fun.  This afternoon I took them into Basel with two of the kids to watch the Children's parade and enjoy the noise and mess that is Fasnacht.  I think his parents really enjoyed it.  The kids caught candy and oranges from the little ones in the parade.  And we heard the drums and flutes in every alley of the city.  It was super duper crowded, but fun none the same.  We spent a few hours enjoying our time in old town with the festivities, and then returned to relax for the evening.  Jet lag is a beast, so I didn't want to over do it.

In the evening Mat and I took his parents back into town for a little while to see the lanterns from Monday's parade on display.  The display started after dusk, so we could see them lit up.  There were hundreds.  Most of them are political, but the art was amazing.  We learned it takes about 200 hours to make one.  One!

Here are some pictures from our fun day in town.

The masks are crazy!

The lanters were HUGE

 Lots of lanterns with Trump on them.  This one is pretty accurate

 Mat's parents with the city of Basel behind them

 We did see some cliques parading even in the evening.  Look at the ground and all of that confetti!!  So unlike Basel to be messy.  

 When the cliques took a break they would leave their masks and their drums on the sidewalk.  We got to see so many unusual ones

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