Friday, February 23, 2018

Day in France

Today we took Mat's parents to France.  Sally wanted to see the little Beauty and the Beast looking towns right across the border, so we obliged.  We battled the cold and enjoyed a day out. 

Today I rented a car to make travel a little more comfortable and also so we could take our time and drive in the French countryside.  One of the towns we wanted to hit you can only get to by car, so it worked best. 

We went to Riquwihr first.  I have been there a few times - took my parents when they visited this past fall and then went to the Christmas market there with friends.  It is a beautiful little town.  Looks like a Hollywood movie set.

Then we went into Colmar which is slightly bigger.  Mat and I went to a Christmas market there in December, and the town is really beautiful.  So we spent a few hours strolling the streets and taking in the sights.

The cold always puts a damper on things, and makes it hard to spend a lot of time outside.  So we were back by dinner time.  It was a fun afternoon, though, and I am glad we had a chance to show them the area.

Mat's mom posing in Riquwihr

 Mat's parents in front of the clock tower in Riquewihr
 Sally is eating a macaroon in this picture - we are trying to stay warm!

 Grape vines on the hillside.  The Alsace region is known for its wine

 Colmar was the home of the architect that designed the Statue of Liberty.  (yes the one that stands in New York City).  So this was at the entrance of the city

 Outside of the home of Bartholdi - the architect who designed the State of Liberty

 Ben and Sally in the "Little Venice" area of Colmar

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