Tuesday, October 30, 2018

Family Visit

Shortly after we returned from Ireland, my parents came for a visit.  They stayed with us for two weekends, and during the week went to Prague for a visit while the kids were in school.

We did a few fun things while they were here.  We went to a Basel Soccer Game, and we had a blast.  I had no idea that Basel could be so rowdy!  Soccer is something they definitely care about.  We lucked out with the weather and even had some warm sun during the game.

I took my mom with me on my Monday "Basel Walkers" group.  Every Monday an English speaking group here in Basel gathers and does a hike around Basel city and Basel Land.  It is great exercise and I love all the people in the group.  There are people from around the world, and it is fun to talk to them as we walk anywhere from 6-15 miles through the countryside.  I knew my mom would enjoy it because she walks almost every day back home.  This walk took us through the hills of Riehen, where we live, and into Germany with some gorgeous views.  She also got to spend time with my closest friend here, Marta.

The weekend they returned from Prague we took them to our Herbstmesse festivities for two days.  They were here during this fall festival last year, and really enjoyed the food, so they were glad to have a chance to do it again.  The food is SO GOOD.  It is one of my favorite things in Basel.  IT is right around Halloween time, and such a nice replacement for that holiday (not my favorite).  Rides, food, fun - can't beat it.  It draws over 1 million people a year, but I don't even mind the crowds.

My mom also taught me how to make pie crust from scratch.  This is something I have not been able to find over here - pie isn't really a thing.  But we love to have pumpkin pie and even apple pie around the holidays, so while she was here, we made two pumpkin pies to enjoy.

It is always great having family visit and their time with us always ends way too soon.  But we will see my parents again in a few months.

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