Saturday, May 11, 2019

Cainan's Birthday trip to Denmark. Day One: Legoland

Last night, Mat and Cainan flew to Billund, Denmark for a birthday trip for Cainan.  His birthday isn't until June 2nd, but this was a good weekend for them to take this adventure.  The girls were not interested in Legoland, so Cainan got his dad all to himself for a few days.

Today they went to Legoland in Billund.  For those who don't know - Billund, Denmark is the birthplace of Legos.  Where the magic all began.  Cainan was so excited because Legos are his favorite thing.  Well...that and french fries.

They had a great day today - rode rides, checked out large lego statues, ate on a lego shaped tray for lunch.  And he didn't have his sisters whining in his ear, or making any of the decisions - it was all up to him.

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