Monday, April 22, 2019

Last day in Scotland

Today was our last day in Scotland. We had a little time before our plane left, so we made two stops. The first was the Midhope Castle. It is a main filming site for Outlander. (Lallybroch in the show). Sidebar: it isn’t me who is an Outlander fan. 🤪. Our last stop was the Vet school campus for Edinburgh University. Arlington wants to go to vet school but that campus was not in the city when we toured the main school the other day. We are now at the airport. We had a great trip! The kids are still off from school this whole week, so at least we have rest still ahead.

Midhope Castle.  There is an entrance fee to visit this place (and they only take cash) and I need to tell you it isn't worth it.  Unless you are a hard core fan of the show, you cannot go into the castle - you can only walk around the outside and it cose 3.50 pounds a person.  I would say skip it.

 The three bridges
 The vet campus. This is the Roslin Institute and where Dolly the sheep was made

 We don't collect many souveniers on our trips, but we always bring back a few magnets.  Here is our current FULL collections from all of our trips since 2001.  We love looking at them and reliving the memories.

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