Wednesday, February 26, 2020

Japan Day 4

Today was the coldest day we have had so far.  It was overcast and windy, so I was glad we did a few indoor activities today.

We started our day at the Edo museum.  Tokyo's original name was Edo, and this museum was all about its past history.  It was a huge museum and we explored it for several hours.

this was a ceremonial float - it was quite impressive
this gave us a little giggle.  No binoculars for us!

After the museum, we decided to do a little shopping with the kids.  There was a huge shopping district right beside the museum called Ameyayokocho.  Streets were lined with vendors, shops, and small street restaurants.  We had lunch there and tried a few new things.  And I did use my chopsticks today!  Not well, but I did use them.

Finley and Arlington walking down the shopping street
My lunch.  It was soy and fish sauce noodles with pork. 
Finley tried fried octopus!  She loved it

After lunch we took the kids into a 6 floor Japanese toy store which was incredible.  It was just jammed with any toy you could think of.  They loved it.  They also tried their hands at a Claw machine (very big here) in a center that had rows and rows of them, and then picked some Gachapon (another huge thing here - toy vending machines) from a 3 floored Gachapon center.  They had a great afternoon.

The claw machines.  There were several rows of these
 A small sampling of the Gachapon vending machines

This evening we walked around the Ueno Park and saw two temples.  We didn't stay long because it was starting to rain, but the park was really beautiful.

Uneo Kaneiji Temple
 Ueno Kiyomizo Temple
 I took this one for my parents.  It is the Lion's International Totem Pole at Ueno Park

On our way home, we did stop and grab some dinner back in Ameyayokocho.  It was another fun eating day for sure! 

I took a picture of the menu board at one of the food stands
 Tonights dinner I had fried breaded mozarella cheese and potato bits on a stick
 I had a light dinner because I wanted another brown sugar boboa tea.  So good
 For dessert tonight Finley and I both got these melon breads filled with custard creme.  They were delicious and cute

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