Friday, April 19, 2019

Glasgow, Scotland Day 2

Today was our second day in Glasgow. We started Good Friday off with the Glasgow Cathedral. It was beautiful inside. It is also supposed to have the bones of St. Mungo, the patron Saint of Glasgow. After the cathedral we went to the church’s Necropolis, then to St. Mungos Museum, and then to the oldest house in Glasgow. We then walked through a beautiful park to the People’s Palace. We had a fun late lunch and then strolled the city. This evening we went to the movies. Tomorrow we head to the Highlands.

 Glasgow Cathedral. This is the oldest cathedral in mainland Scotaland.  It was built in 1136.  It is also called St. Mungos (cue Harry Potter)

 This is St. Mungos bones and tomb.  We asked a guide about this and he said this (because remember - this church is no longer Catholic) "Well -there are bones in there.  Whether they belong to St. Mungo or not we are not to say".  It was hilarious
 Oldest remaining column in the church
 This was a filming spot for Outlander inside Glasgow cathedral. It is also the Nurses Chapel - a place of prayer for members of the Nursing Profession
 400 year old Bible
 After the church we visited the Necropolis.  52,000 people are buried here on 30 acres of land.  It was enormous and the tomb stones were enormous

 View of Glasgow Cathedral from the Necropolis

 We visited the oldest house in Glasgow.  It was actually bigger than I expected it to be.  It was free to visit

 For dinner we stopped at a cute little place called Chippies.  Finley had fried pizza.  She thought it was awesome

 This is the largest Terra Cotta fountain in the world
 The People's Palace.  The entrance was free

 In the evening we went to the movies.  We don't go very often in Switzerland becuase it is so expensive and most all kid movies are in German.  So tonight Finley and I saw Dumbo and Mat and the other kids saw Shazam.  We had a great time.

I wanted to add these paintings that we saw as we walked around the city.  I had read about them before we left.  They are "something to find" in the city.  They were fundiscoveries and just wonderful

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