Thursday, September 7, 2017

8 miles

Today I walked 8 miles with the American women I have met here.  I am glad we are getting together each week to talk and bounce stress and information off each other.  We are all in the same boat - new to the country, new to German, all of our kids in bilingual schools - so we have a lot in common.

We roamed all over the city.  We walked through parks and cool neighborhoods.  We crossed the Rhine and then crossed it again.  And when we tired of walking, we found a cafe and had coffee and spent an hour chatting.  One of the women brought her 5 month old baby so we got to coo over him and enjoy pinching some baby fat.

The day was beautiful - a little overcast and cool.  Perfect for walking and enjoying the city.  Laughing and enjoying the weather is good for the soul and reminds me how glad I am that we made this move.

Pretty birds we saw in a park
 Lots of fountains passed today

 Pretty hotel we saw
 I tried to take a picture of this orange truck - it was cleaning the tram tracks with water and air - I see this pretty often.  Cleanest city I have ever been in

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