Monday, September 25, 2017

Basel Walkers - Take Two

Today I joined the Basel Walkers once again for one of their Monday hikes.  This one was really fabulous.  My American friend, Heather, is away on vacation, so today I talked my friend Marta into going with me.  We had a great time.  The walk was from Ettingen Switzerland to Grellingen Switerland (Which is about 30 minute train ride south of where we are living right now).  The scenery was beautiful.  We passed through a few small farming communities and over rolling hills.  We really enjoyed ourselves and I am so glad Heather introduced me to this group.  Hiking is one of my favorite things to do, so this fits me perfectly.  (plus this group stops to eat half way through the hike, so it is a plus).

This is Marta.  She allowed me to take her picture while we were on our break.  This was another big bench like the one Mat and I and the kids saw on Saturday
 Our group starting the hike
 Swiss countryside - cannot get enough

 We stopped at a little herb garden - called Ricola (not even kidding).  They had Ricola samples

 Baby cows being tended to

 Another fountain picture for my collection
 Baby cow waiting to join his mama.  We were able to pet his little head
 Little farming town.  
 We saw several of these along our walk today at different farms.  You bring your own bottle - deposit the money, and fill up your bottle with fresh milk.  Really neat

 I was a little late taking this picture - we were on the train.  There was a big castle ruin on the hillside

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