Saturday, September 9, 2017

Arlington's City

This morning was take two of German class.  Mat was there this time, so it went a lot better.  It was nice to have him there (to whisper things to me when I was confused).  Today we learned a lot more about the rules, and now things make a lot more sense.  I felt better when we left today that I might actually figure a little German out.

It was a rainy day, so we spent the afternoon indoors today.  This evening Arlington and I went for a 2 hour walk.  She walked me to her school (Which is quite a few miles away) and back.  She wanted me to see where she and her friends go to lunch, go to gym, and where they stroll when they have free time.  It was neat to see the city from her vantage point.  We had a nice time walking the streets, and window shopping as we went.  And she knew exactly how to get there and back (she takes a tram every day - she doesn't normally walk).  I was impressed with her sense of direction.

Arlington knows I am making a picture collection of the Basel fountains, so she took me by several

Arlington showed me this big shopping plaza she and her friends frequent.  She said she is always impressed with the number of bikes that are outside of it

 This bike parking spot made us laugh - we love the unicycle wasn't left out
 This is an elementary school - it is where Arlington and her classmates go for gym and to use their courtyard.  It was a beautiful school

 I love this.  These are raised white lines.  They are found at every intersection and they are for blind people to help them know they are at an intersection and to help them cross
 We took Scooby on his first tram ride.  He didn't love it.  He tried to get on the seat like a person

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