Friday, September 22, 2017

Nordic Walking

Today I went with a new friend to try a club called "Nordic Walking"  I had no idea what that meant, but I thought it might be like my Basel Walkers club, so I agreed.  It ended up not being what I thought - it is a style of walking.  And being led by the Swiss, well, that mean we had to practice and make it perfect!  We had fun, but I won't be returning for another round.  They take the same path each week (because it is just a type of exercise), but what I want is a club that is going to walk me all around Basel.

I did take a few pictures on our adventure:

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  1. Okay, clearly your old email is not getting to you.. I've sent a few and no response - maybe you just don't love me anymore? ;-) I love your blog, and was wondering what the best way to keep in touch was? I'd love to send Finley a letter if that would be okay? Hope all is still going well, am sooooo jealous!! It looks absolutely gorgeous there. Miss you all so much! xo - Lee-Ellen