Friday, September 1, 2017


Finley has made a really great group of friends at school.  Everyday I pick her up at school, she is surrounded by these girls.  They are laughing and chatting.  And when she goes to leave, they give her a big hug and tell her they wish she didn't have to go.  There are two Swedish girls, and Indian girl, and a Polish girl in this little circle.  I am so glad she has found some girls at school.  Friendships are what I worry about the most when we move, so this scene makes me happy

Tonight after dinner we had a sweet treat made from Swiss chocolate.  So yummy.

Cainan brought home some German spelling words.  He needs to learn how to pronounce them, what they mean, and how they spell them.

And today's German word.  There is a "B looking" letter that they use in place of "ss".  No idea why

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