Thursday, September 14, 2017

Busy Busy

My husband and father-in-law both asked me before we left the United States "what are you going to do with your days?"  I think they were both worried that I would sit in the apartment and watch the clock tick by until the kids came home from school.

Silly guys.

Today at 9am I had our second Newcomers support group meeting.  This one was to teach us more about the Swiss people and their culture.  A lot of it we already knew - they are polite, prompt, and clean.  That about sums them up.  I met someone else from Boston today - another mom.  So excited to meet another American - especially one from my neck of the woods.  We had a great time and ended the session with a scavenger hunt in Old Town.  It was a rainy and cold day, so the hunt ended early.

After the Newcomers support group, I left to go to my German class that I am taking with my American friends.  I was a little early, so one of the other ladies and I went across the street from the school to a cafe for coffee and a sandwich.  I have found a new love for prosciutto on Pretzel bread.  They butter the sandwich and it is so, so delicious.  If it wasn't $5.40 for a small sandwich, (and I mean small), I would have more.

German class was a lot of fun today.  We spend some time talking about some things we want to know about (how to say $2.50 in German for example), and then work on the specifics of learning the language.  Our teacher is GREAT.  She is young and sweet and very patient.  We are a mess of white, American women who can't pronounce German worth a lick.  But she is encouraging and sweet.

We were working on numbers today.  We have been learning the numbers 1-20, and then 30,40,50, and so on.  Not hard once you get the hand of it.  I will give you an easy one.  Ein (Eye-n)=1.  Now how about a hard one?  funfhundertsechsundsechzig (foo-nf, hoon-dirt, sex, oo-nd, sex, tsig) = 566.

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