Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Annual Basel Rhine Schwim

Today was another full day.  It started with me going shopping with my new little cart in Germany - after I dropped Finley off at school.

I discovered that 8:30am is a great time to go grocery shopping - the store was nearly empty at that time, so it was peaceful.

At lunch time today I had a drink with a woman I met through my Expat Basel group.  She is an American and lived in Basel for a few years with her husband and kids while her husband was on an expat assignment.  She returned to the states this past spring, but her husband had to come over for business this summer, so she came with him.  She said she really misses living in Basel.  It was nice to meet with her and talk about how her time was here and ask her questions.  I am sad she is returning to the states this coming weekend - it would be nice to keep her around for awhile.  She gave me a book about Family Fun in Basel.  Lots to learn about.

I picked up Finley and since it is such a hot day, we decided to stop for a little treat at her tram stop.  There is a Starbucks on the corner, so we grabbed a shake while we waited.  Her little drink cost $10!!  That is crazy pants.

This evening after dinner, Mat, the kids and I walked down to the Rhine to watch the annual "Rhine Schwim" where 1000s of people float down the Rhine together.  It was incredible to watch and we definitely need to try this next year.  No boats are allowed on the Rhine during this float - just people.  The people were having a great time.  They were cheering and laughing while they floated.

 Pretty buildings along the Rhine and a restaurant we ate at in June when we visited

One extra picture - this is the street name/tram stop for Finley's school

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