Sunday, August 13, 2017

One Week

We have officially been in Switzerland a week.  We have accomplished so much that I can't believe it has only been that long.  I know we are still in the "honeymoon" period of our stay here, but we are really liking it so far.  Mat had a good first week at work, and the kids and I had a successful first week at home.

Tomorrow starts school for the three kids.  I think they have a mixture of nerves and excitement.  I know they are all going to be just fine.  With such small schools I know they are going to get a lot of attention and care.  This week will be the hardest getting back into a routine of getting up early, packing lunches, and getting them off.  Once we have a good routine, things will settle down.

Today we spent the morning getting their backpacks ready for school.  The kids don't need much.  The schools here provide most of the supplies kids need.  They did need a few personal times.  For example - Cainan needed:  toothbrush, hat, indoor shoes (a pair of shoes he will only wear inside at school - they like to keep the floors clean), and a PE kit.  Finley needed:  Toothbrush, PE kit, slippers (for her indoor shoes), and a small pencil case with a few pencils, erasers, and a ruler.  Arlington - being my high schooler - they told her to bring some notebooks, pencils and pens to her liking.  (how she likes to organize is up to her).  Easy.

After we got their bags ready, we went to the zoo.  Zoo Basel is only a few tram stops away from us.  It was a really nice zoo - lots of different animals and we had a good time there this afternoon.

This is a German word.  It says "Dwarf Hippo".  Seriously

 Silverback Gorilla checking us out

This week is going to be busy - school starting, air freight belongings being delivered, and a little apartment hunting.  Our Swiss guide talked us into seeing what is out there to get some ideas of what we like/don't like.  We are also going to try and take a swim in the Rhine, and in the Roche pool.

Stay tuned.

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