Sunday, August 27, 2017

Three Weeks

Three weeks down.  I cannot believe we have almost been here a month.  Routines are settling in now, and we are feeling more comfortable.  For the kids- the novelty is wearing off a bit, and I think they are feeling a little homesick.  I am glad that they have school to keep them busy.

Today we tried a local Roman Fest that we were told was something fun to do.  It turned out to be.....not that great.  It was fine, but it was expensive and there wasn't a lot for my kids to do. (seemed to be set up for the younger kid crowd).  The shows were just so/so.  We stayed for a few hours and then decided to just come on home.

I have to say - 3 weeks of activities before we hit something we didn't love - not a bad record.

Found another fountain - this one was painted
 This is the convention center.  It is so massive - no picture could ever capture the whole thing.
 We were told that these represent a stop sign when going into a round about.
 Real Roman Ruins in Basel
 One of the shows we watched

 Another fountain - love hunting for them

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