Monday, August 21, 2017

Day to Day

Week two of school has started, and we are settling into a routine.  Today I had a chance to have a coffee with thee other American women.  One of Finley's classmates has been new since February, so she reached out to me to meet up.  She brought two other American women she had met, and we had a nice chat over lunchtime today.  It was great to meet other Americans that I can reach out to when I am missing a bit of home.

This afternoon Finley and I did a little bit of shopping after I picked her up from school, and then the kids sat and did their homework.  They don't have much - just a few minutes a night.  (Cainan's has mostly been French because he is new at it)  The school tries to keep homework to a minimum, and offers them time at school to do extra practice so they can ask questions from their teachers.

This evening Mat and I took Scooby for a walk.  I took him down to the remaining wall area so I could take some pictures.

 Small stream near the wall that feeds into the Rhine
 Pretty pathway

And today's German word of the day:

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