Sunday, August 20, 2017

Two Weeks

This morning, I took Scooby on a long walk while everyone got up and ready.  I am enjoying our alone time together - exploring the city.  He is good company because he doesn't complain and he stops to smell the flowers....and everything else.

Today he and I walked in an area that is called St. Alban and near Cainan's school.  I have walked it before, but not near the Rhine in that area.  We walked along the water and found the last remaining part of the wall that used to enclose the city.  There is a walking path and a stream near that area.  It was really beautiful.  I forgot my camera, so it will give me an excuse to return.

We decided to take the kids to a part of Basel called Riehen today.  There is a house there we are interested in, and Mat and I wanted to stalk the area and see how convenient it is for travel, etc.  We had a nice time roaming around, and checking out Riehen's downtown.  It has a nice city center.

 City Hall

 After our walk, we went to the Toy Museum in Riehen.  It is a nice museum with toys from the 1800s and early 1900s.  The kids had a great time (plus this museum is free for kids under 16).  It was a great way to spend a few hours.

Entrance to the Museum
 Outside of the Toy Museum
 Mat and Arlington trying to work a ball through a giant maze
 Finley and Mat watching some spinning pictures

 The rooms and building itself were just as wonderful as the exibits

 Trying out an old fashioned bowling lane
 Creepy early 1900s dolls
 Cainan doing some bowling
 Finley said this was an 1800s American Doll set
 Giant doll house
 In the courtyard of the museum
 Every house, apartment, building has a fall out shelter for war with these really heavy doors

In the evening Mat and I took a walk with Scooby again.  We went on a long walk looking for fountains.  I read Mat an article about all the fountains around Switzerland (Basel has over 200) so we wanted to seek some out.

Natural History Museum
 Fountain with the Basilisk - the protector of Basel - on top
 Another great fountain
 Church we found while walking around
This building is the archives for Basel City - and it and its gate are on the registry for historical places 
 Beautiful iron gates
 This is the oldest fountain in Basel - has been working since the 1300s

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