Tuesday, August 29, 2017

Science Wives Club

Today I got together for a second time with the American ladies I met last week.  We had a new one join our group today, so now there are 5 of us.  I am so glad they have invited me into their circle.  We all have similar age kids, we are all here as "trailing spouses" of husbands who work for Roche or Novartis.  Four of us had 3 kids and one (God love her) and 5 kids (5 BOYS).

Today our new add to our group moved here from Pittsburgh.  I was so excited to talk with her because that is where I grew up.  She knew of Connellsville - my home town - and we talked about the area.  (she has lived there her whole life).  But the most interesting part was that her daughter's name is Finley.  Not even kidding.  We have never met another Finley before so this was really cool.  And this woman's husband's name?  Matt.  No joke.

After that exciting bit, we walked together for 6 miles.  Covered a large part of the city.  We weren't in a big hurry, but we didn't stroll.  One of the ladies has been here for 5 years (and has no plans to move back to the States) and so she was a wealth of information.  She pointed our public libraries and parks, great museums and cute neighborhoods.  She knows quite a bit of German, so when we stopped for a break at a cafe to have coffee by the Rhine - she was a huge help.

Today's Fountain Find
 I never tire of looking at the buildings near the Rhine

I am feeling pretty lucky to have these ladies because we are all in the same boat.  It helps take a bit of the sting out of missing my friends from Boston.

This evening was the open house for Finley's school.  It was only for the 5th grade class, and it was lead by her English and German teachers and the principal.  We all sat in the class together (parents that is - no kids) and got an ear full about the curriculum, the year, the projects, etc.  It was an open question and answer session, and I loved it.  I learned a lot about how the school works, and things they are trying to add/change.  The parents asked great questions (most have been with the school for a few years, so they were really helpful).  I found a lot of similarities to our American curriculum (the schools do a good job of exploring all the student's backgrounds because they know with international schools - students often return to their home countries to finish their schooling).  These schools have a monumental task of trying to accommodate a world's worth of learning styles.  And a lot of children where English or German are not their first language.  Bravo.

Finley's desk at school
 Doesn't every 5th grade classroom need a few Chandeliers?  this building is 300 years old, and they have kept a few of the original elements.
 Finley was elected class presidnet

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