Monday, August 7, 2017

Switzerland Bound

August 5th finally arrived and was time to leave for Basel.  We had a 5pm flight from Boston.

We have been really spoiled by Roche, and they flew us first class on our move trip.  That was the first time the kids and I have flown first class.  We enjoyed every moment.  The seats were enormous, we could put our feet up, and we got a comfy pillow and blanket.  The TV was enormous.  We had just so much space.

The food was delicious as well.  I took some pictures because the chances of us ever flying first class again are slim.

Our first flight was into Amsterdam.  We had a short layover and then we flew on to Basel.  We got into Basel around 9:45am, got all 10 (10!!) of our suitcases and headed out with our Swiss guide (also brought to us by Roche).

We were settled into the apartment around 11am.  Our Swiss guide took me to the grocery store which was full of shocking prices.  (a pound of hamburger, for example, was 18 Francs - about $18).  Some things weren't that bad (Shampoo and toiletries were around what we pay in Boston) but we will be making more trips into Germany to buy Groceries (where the prices are about 50% less) when we want a lot of things.

In the afternoon we took a little nap and then got to work organizing the apartment.  We brought a lot of things with us on the airplane because the kids start school before our air freight gets here.  Everything was unpacked before we finally couldn't stay up one second longer.  It is now 8pm, and we are heading to bed.

Tomorrow is Mat's first official day of work.  It is a short day because we have appointments we need to attend to in the afternoon.  Stay tuned.......

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