Saturday, August 19, 2017

New City/Old Town

This morning I woke up before everyone else and decided to take Scooby on a long walk.  We were gone for an hour exploring.  We crossed over the Rhine and looked at a new park I think the kids will like.  WE found a great walking path that goes under a busy bridge so we don't have to walk with the traffic.  I let him stop to smell all the leaves and bushes where other doggies had obviously been.  We had a great time.  That was until we had to walk across the pedestrian bridge.  Scooby has decided that bridges are not his thing.  He won't go near the edge, but even walking across he slows way down and walks very carefully like he is afraid he is going to fall through.  Poor dog.  We are going to have to work on that one.

While everyone got ready, I went to the post office to pick up a package we had missed.  Turned out it was our Permanent Residence cards.  YES!  This was the last thing we needed for us to get our cell phones.  I know - seems weird, but we had to have our permanent resident cards in order to be eligible for a cell phone.  They take it very seriously here what kind of visa you are on.  If you are on a travel visa?  No phone for you.  Crazy.

This afternoon we took the kids for a walk through old town.  We explored the different streets and enjoyed the sights.  We also toured a house that was on our list of possibles for an apartment.  It had a very cute outside, but the inside won't work for us.  Ah well.

Roche is always there.....lurking.....
 Buildings in Old Town

 Today there was a small brass quartet that was playing near the steeple of this church (the oldest church in Basel - dating to 1019) instead of the bells ringing on the hour.

 Oldest church in Basel
 Oldest church in Basel
 Model of the church for the blind
 Doors on the old church
 In the middle of the old town square - a large screen was set up for a movie tonight
 Old town streets

While we were at the house, we stopped at a playground across the street from it.  Finley and Cainan, and even Arlington for a bit, had a good time playing and running around.  We enjoyed the cool weather and quiet park for awhile before getting on the tram and heading home.

 Finley is pedaling to make a fountain turn on in the park

 In the park there was a "take one/leave one" book center

Mat and I went back out this even without the kids to stroll old town a bit more.  We took Scooby along to give him some exercise.  We stopped at a cafe and grabbed a sandwich made out of a pretzel.  It was a pretzel cut in half, buttered, and had cheese and salami inside.  IT was delicious.  We grabbed some ice cream before heading home to round off our evening.

Here are the extra pictures from our day:

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