Wednesday, August 23, 2017

Open House

Today Mat and I went to visit one of the houses we are interested in renting.  Mat hadn't had a chance to see it, and since it is my favorite, I wanted him to go inside.  He loved it as well.  I know he would really like to live in the city, but I think for the kids and dog, a "house" (this is a duplex) with its own yard is better for our family and dog.  We filled out the application, so we are just waiting to hear from the owners.

This evening was an open house for Cainan's school.  We got to meet the teacher (which I did last week, but decided to pop in and say hello one more time), and then I got to talk with his French and German teachers.  I was glad to meet and talk with them because those are going to be his two hardest classes.  His German teacher said she wanted Cainan to work hard and try is best, but not to street - he will get there.  The French teacher knows that Cainan will never catch his classmates, but that is okay.  She is making a curriculum just for him and from the sounds of it - it is going to be GREAT.  I was so pleased on how they are working with him to get him comfortable.  I took a few pictures while I was there.

Cainan's "about me".  Primary 7 in Switzerland is the equivalent of 5th grade.  It is their 7th year in school (they go to Kindergarten for 2 years here)
 This is the room where the kids come in the morning before school starts and also for 5th and 6th grade work on computers.
 I took a picture of the "indoor shoe" wall.  Kids at this school take off their shoes they wore to school as soon as they enter the building and put on a pair of clean shoes for the day
 This is a small kitchen on the floor of the 5th and 6th graders.  It isn't for lunch - it is for teaching the kids about cooking.

No long walk for us tonight because I needed to make some phone calls back to the United States and we had to work on getting my cell phone set up.  Maybe tomorrow!

Random pictures of the day:

This is how the mail is delivered - they drive this little car on the sidewalk
 Some fountains are used for swimming!
 IT was a really hot day, so the Rhine was hopping
 Weird 80s martian man

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